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Danzan Ryu History


Jujitsu comes to us from the fighting systems of Feudal Japan, developed by Samurai as unarmed self defense.

Approximately 1,000 years ago, these ancient forms can be traced through the scrolls of masters from various Ryu's (schools). The secrets were passed down from father to first son, therefore the schools were named after the families.

The art of Jujitsu reached its heights in the 1700's. Many styles of Jujitsu existed in Japan until the advent of the Mejii era of the late 1800's.m when a decree banning the wearing of swords was issued.

During this time, many masters discontinued their teachings. Also, many masters came together to preserve their styles under the disciples of old and new schools, such as Kodokan Judo.

In 1924, another style of Jujitsu was developed from many old styles, called Danzan Rye (Hawaiian Island System). Master H.S. Okazaki, the founding father, studied and mastered many schools of Jujitsu, not only in Japan, but also in Hawaii, where he opened his school. Okazaki devoted his life from that time forward to instructing worthy Americans, without regard to national origin. He achieved a true synthesis of ancient and modern elements, therefore, Danzan Ryu, remains today, the most widely taught system of Jujitsu in the United States.

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